The park and our obstacle-courses

We have something for everyone! 

When you buy a ticket to our park it allows you to climb as many obstacle-courses as many times as you want (and are able to!) for three hours. Our courses are divided into degrees of difficulty by colours. The grading starts with orange, the easiest course. After that comes green, then blue, and finally red which is the most difficult course. The courses have different requirements for minimum hight and age to be allowed to climb them. Our tickets follow the same system and you buy the ticket based on how old the climber is.    

Children under 6 must have an adult in the green courses. Children under 10 must have an adult in the blue or red courses. We recommend 1 adult per 4 children. In the orange course, an adult can walk on the side to assist.

Description of our courses

Minimum hight: 80cm
Degree of difficulty: Orange (very easy) 
About the course: Our easiest course for our youngest visitors. On this course adults can walk alongside and help (without a ticket and a harness). This course consists of six obstacles, and it finishes with a cool zipline.

Se på mig
Minimum hight: 110 cm
Degree of difficulty: Green (easy) 
About the course: The perfect course to begin with for the whole family together. Learn how to use the equipment through twelve fun obstacles. This course starts with a zipline.   

Grönt är skönt
Minimum hight: 110cm
Degree of difficulty: Dark green (fairly easy). 
About the course: The obstacles are relatively simple, but now there is a lot of air under your feet. The course contains eight obstacles and a longer exciting zipline.

Upp och Ner
Minimum hight: 110cm
Degree of difficulty: Dark green (fairly easy). 
About the course: This course is full of new fun obstacles, here you climb on a horizontal climbing wall, crawl in sloping nets and finish with a magic zipline.

Det går bra
Minimum hight: 140cm
Degree of difficulty: Blue (medium challenging) 
About the course: On the course’s 10 different obstacles, you really have to challenge your climbing skills. With an exciting rope bridge high above the walking path you get a tingling airy feeling. It will go well until the end, but make sure not to get caught in the spiderweb!

Propaganda stigen
Minimum hight: 140cm
Degree of difficulty: Dark blue (challenging) 
About the course: One of our coolest courses that goes high up in the trees, very high sometimes. Our longest course with a total of twelve obstacles and 2 ziplines, the last of which is 100m long and ends the course with fantastic view!

Glöm det
Minimum hight: 150cm
Degree of difficulty: Red (difficult) 
About the course: This is a real challenge, you need to be both mentally and physically fit! You start with a climbing wall and then you fight your way through nine obstacles before you get to come down. How you get down? You just jump! Luckily you are connected to our QuickFlight.