Practical information

Here are some useful and practical information before your visit to the park. If you come ready for an adventure – we will take care of the rest. You are very welcome!

Practical information:

Minimum hight and age requirements  

The courses are divided into degrees of difficulty by colour. The grading starts with orange which is the easiest, then green, blue and finally red which is the hardest. There are minimum hight and age requirements in order to climb the courses, but following these, you are allowed to climb as many courses as many times as you want for three hours. 


The minimum hight and age requirements are: 

Orange: 80 cm (adults can accompany from the ground without buying a ticket for themselves) 

Green:  110 cm (children under 6 years old must be accompanied by an adult in the course) 

Blue: 140 cm (children under 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult in the course) 

Red: 150 cm (children under 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult in the course) 


As well as hight requirement, children under the age of 6 must also have the company of a climbing adult when climbing the green courses. Children under the age of 10 must have the company of a climbing adult in the blue and red courses.

Terms of participation

For everyone climbing in the park, the following terms of participation must be followed:

-Maximum weight 120 kg.

-Climbing is not allowed when pregnant.

-Climbing is not allowed of you are intoxicated by alcohol or drugs.

-Before climbing in the park, everyone must participate in the mandatory safety briefing led by an instructor.

-When climbing, the rules of the park must be followed (we will go through the rules during the safety briefing). 

Buy your ticket

You can buy your tickets here, and we recommend you buy them in advance. It is also possible to buy tickets at the park (drop-in tickets). However, the number of drop-in tickets is very limited and during high-season the park is often fully booked and drop-in tickets may not be available.    

Safety briefing and training course

Everybody climbing in the park needs to participate in a safety briefing held by an instructor at the park. After the safety briefing everyone needs to climb through the training course under the supervision of an instructor. 


Your safety briefing will be held at the starting-time of your three hour climbing session and is included in your climbing time. If you arrive at the park 10-15 minutes before your starting time you can to get your equipment (harness and helmet) on and you are then ready when it is time to start. 

Weather and clothes

The park is open regardless of the weather. There is no problem climbing in the rain, the most important thing is that you have the right clothes on so you do not freeze or get wet. The park might be temporarily closed down if there is risk of thunder or extreme wind. If this happens, the instructors in the park will help everybody get down on the ground safely, and if/when the thunder or wind has passed, they will let you continue your climbing. Temporary closing of the park does not entitle any ticket refunds.  


We recommend to dress based on the weather forecast. Wear protective clothes when there is a risk of rain, it is easier to take clothes off and it is much more fun if you don´t freeze. We also recommend good shoes that sit well on your feet such as running- or exercise shoes or general outdoor shoes.


Right next to our park you find plenty of parking free of charge.


Right next to our park there are toilets available to our guests free of charge. 

Food and drinks

Tables and barbeque area 

We have a barbeque area right in the middle of our park. The barbeque is free to use, but you have to bring your own equipment such as wood/brackets and lighting equipment, as well as food to prepare. There is also plenty of seating areas where you can enjoy your food and drinks. 

Raststugan kiosk  

After the climb, or during a break, you can buy cold drinks, coffee, snacks and of course ice cream at Raststugan by friluftscentrum Södra Berget right next to our park. You are also allowed to bring your own food and snacks and eat inside at Rastastugan. 


If you are looking for a bigger meal after your visit, there are some really nice options close to our park. Just ask the staff at the park and they can guide you to a restaurant that suits you. 

Check out Strike Club and Hotell Södra Berget for some excellent dining experiences.

Everything we do stems from our fundamental values Thorough, Safe, Innovative, Including and Challenging. We are passionate, we work hard, we care about the experience of each single visitor, we take part in the development of this industry and we have SO much fun along the way!