How do climbing tickets work at Högt & Lågt?

Our climbing tickets gives you three hours at the park, and you are free to climb as much as you want as long as you follow the minimum height- and age requirement for each course.

In order to be guaranteed to climb, we recommend that you buy your tickets in advance for the day and time that you want to climb. Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your climbing time in order to collect your safety equipment.

Your climbing time starts with a mandatory safety briefing and training course. After having done those you are free to climb as much as you want in the park for the rest of your climbing time.

The following rules must be followed when climbing in the park:
-Maximum weight: 120 kg
-Not pregnant
-Not drunk or on drugs
-The rules of the park must be followed.

Want to climb more?

With a season pass at Högt & Lågt you can climb as much as you want from the day you buy the pass and for the rest of the season.

We have season passes that are valid at the park in which they are bought, as well as passes that are valid in our parks in Sundsvall, Rättvik, Gävle, Karlstad, Jönköping and on Gotland.

If you are are a parent and you want to climb together with your child/children you are able to buy an ordinary season pass fpr your child and you can then buy the “parent with kids” season pass for yourself at a discounted price. You can then climb together for the rest of the summer!

Everything we do stems from our fundamental values Thorough, Safe, Innovative, Including and Challenging. We are passionate, we work hard, we care about the experience of each single visitor, we take part in the development of this industry and we have SO much fun along the way!