Bachelor / Bachelorette Party

you give the future bride or groom a memorable day with their friends!

Are you throwing a bachelorette or bachelor party for someone special? Is that someone terrified of heights or an adventurer who loves climbing? Whichever it is we provide an activity that guarantee laughter, shared memories, lots of fun, and perhaps a little bit of terror! We have courses suitable for everyone and we guarantee that your friend will leave us both tired and happy! We request that everyone who is climbing does this completely sober, so why not start the day by visiting us? If it is possible to climb dressed up? Of course! 

Its a very bad idea (and not allowed) to drink before climbing! You will need all your balance and mental capacity when visiting us!

For everyone climbing in the park, the following terms of participation must be followed:

-Maximum weight 120 kg.

-Climbing is not allowed when pregnant.

-Climbing is not allowed of you are intoxicated by alcohol or drugs.

-Before climbing in the park, everyone must participate in the mandatory safety briefing led by an instructor.

-When climbing, the rules of the park must be followed. 

For booking or other question, please email us at: