Practical info

Minimum hight and age requirements  

In order to climb in our park you must weigh under 120 kg.


The courses are divided into degrees of difficulty by colour. The grading starts with orange which is the easiest, then green, blue and finally red which is the hardest. There are minimum hight and age requirements in order to climb the courses, but following these, you are allowed to climb as many courses as many times as you want for three hours. 


The minimum hight and age requirements are: 

Orange: 80 cm (adults can accompany from the ground without buying a ticket for themselves) 

Green:  110 cm (children under 6 years old must be accompanied by an adult in the course) 

Blue: 140 cm (children under 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult in the course) 

Red: 150 cm (children under 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult in the course) 

Terms of participation

recommend you do this before you arrive at the park. If you are a larger group climbing, it is enough that one person read and sign the terms of participation. However, that person is responsible for passing the information on to the entire group. You only need to sign the terms of participation once a year. 

You can read and sign our terms of participation here

Buy your ticket

You can buy your tickets here, and we recommend you buy them in advance. It is also possible to buy tickets at the park (drop-in tickets). However, the number of drop-in tickets is very limited and during high-season the park is often fully booked and drop-in tickets may not be available.   

Safety briefing and training course

Everybody climbing in the park needs to participate in a safety briefing held by an instructor at the park. After the safety briefing everyone needs to go through the training course under the supervision of an instructor. 

The safety briefing and the training course are mandatory and must be attended at least once a year. We give safety briefings and supervision at the training course every half hour during opening hours. The last safety briefing is given three hours before the park close.  

Our Safety briefing are held every 30 minutes from the opening hours until the last booking time. Be sure to be on site 15 minutes before your scheduled start time, otherwise you risk missing the briefing. You then have to wait until the next start, which thus shortens your climbing time. On days when there are a lot of people in the park, there may be some waiting time at this point. Pay attention during the briefing and the waiting time is also minimized.


Weather and clothes

The park is open regardless of the weather. The park might be temporarily closed down if there is risk of thunder or extreme wind. Temporary closing of the park does not entitle any ticket refunds.  

We recommend to dress based on the weather forecast. Wear protective clothes when there is a risk of rain, it is easier to take clothes off and it is much more fun if you don´t freeze. We also recommend good shoes that sit well on your feet such as running- or exercise shoes or general outdoor shoes.   


We have a small parking lot right next to the park, it can take around 40 cars. If this is full, you can drop off the family and then park around 300 metres away, at the large parking area down by the beach.  


Right next to our park there are toilets available to our guests free of charge. 

Food and drinks

Tables and barbeque area 

We have a barbeque area right in the middle of our park. The barbeque is free to use, and we also provide equipment such as wood/brackets and lighting equipment, you just have to bring the food to prepare. There is also plenty of seating areas where you can enjoy your food and drinks. 



We have a small selection of beverage and snacks at our park. We sell cool drinks, nuts, energy-bars and of course ice-cream. 



If you want something more you can head down to the restaurant at the camping site First Camp, located about 400 metres south of our park. They offer a wider range of snacks and food. Check out their opening hours and menu at firstcamp