Terms of participation Högt & Lågt Jönköping

Everyone climbing in the park needs to read and sign our terms of participation. We recommend you do this before you arrive at the park. If you are a larger group climbing, it is enough that one person read and sign the terms of participation. However, that person is responsible for passing the information on to the entire group. By signing these you agree to follow the safety rules of the park. If you have not signed our terms of participation you are not allowed to climb. If you have not signed before you come to the park we will sort it out when you arrive.  You only need to sign the terms of participation once a year and it is valid at all Högt & Lågt climbing parks. 

I certify that: 

  • I/we do not weight over 120 kg. 
  • I/we are not pregnant or under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs 
  • Before I, or the group I am responsible for, begin to climb, we will go through a safety briefing and a training course under the supervision of an instructor at the park.
  • I/we will learn about, and follow, the rules of the park 

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