Terms of condition

General terms of condition

Högt & Lågt Sverige AB reserves the right to close off parts of or the entire park in case of extreme weather or other factors which indicates that keeping the park open might be irresponsible or dangerous.  

  • The customer is entitled to receive information about the safety rules of the park. 
  • The park is open regardless of weather. In case of thunder or extreme wind, parts of or the entire park might be closed down. The park will re-open as the weather has passed and when it is safe to open up again.  Closing of the park does not entitle any ticket refunds.  

Payment terms

  • We do not accept cash payments.  
  • We accept the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Bank Acceptance.  
  •  We accept swish payments   

Cancellation terms and Rebooking Guarantee

  • Tickets bought online are not refunded and are valid for the date and time specified on the tickets. If you have selected the rebooking guarantee you can change the date and time for your booking up until two hours before the visit.
  • Tickets are only valid for the day and time specified on them unless you have choosen the rebooking guarantee.
  • For mistakes when booking (such as wrong park, day or time) please contact us via email at jonkoping@hogtlagt.se    

Terms for online bookings

  • We accept the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Bank Acceptance. 
  • The booking is binding once the transaction is confirmed and the payment is completed  
  • The receipt of the booking, either printed out or available digitally, must be provided upon arrival at the park  
  • In case of illness or injury which is supported by a prescribed medical certificate for a person having a ticket to the park, there are three options: 
  1. Rescheduling the visit for that individual or the entire group to a later date. 
  2. Turning the ticket for that individual into a gift card  
  3. Repayment of 90% of the value of the ticket for that individual 

Security around transactions

Högt & Lågt Sverige AB are responsible for transactions via the website, which are handled with SSL-crypting.

Customer information 

Read about how we handle your personal information in our privacy policy

Terms of condition for groups 

By group, we refer to at least 12 people.

Payment terms for groups 

  • We do not accept cash payments.  
  • We accept the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Bank Acceptance.  
  • We accept swish payments   
  • Invoicing is possible after agreement with the specific park, terms of payment is 30 days 

Cancellation terms for group bookings 

  • Cancellation of the entire visit is free of charge if done at least 5 days before the visit 
  • Cancellation of the entire visit done 1-4 days before the visit will result in an invoice of 1500 kr for administrative expanses 
  • Cancellation of the entire visit on the day of the visit will result in an invoice of 50% of the entire cost. 
  • Minor changes (i.e +/- 5 people) in the number of participants are free until 12 hours before the visit. Please keep us updated continuously. 
  • Expected visitors that do not show up will be charged  
  • For groups over 60 people, special terms apply, please contact us via email for more information at jonkoping@hogtlagt.se

Upon cancellation, the booking confirmation must be returned, via post or email, to Högt & Lågt Sverige AB including any appendix   

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