Welcome to Hammarbybacken

Högt & Lågt Climbingpark & Adventurepark in Hammarbybacken

Welcome to one of Sweden’s most exposed climbing parks. The adventure starts already on the way to the park, we promise that you will be warm in your clothes just in time for the climb.

The park is built on 15 m high poles where the climbing paths meander around on 3 different levels. Once up, do not forget to enjoy Stockholm’s fantastic views. It really offers a climbing experience beyond the ordinary!

Hammarbybacken climbing park offers climbing adventures for those who are 7 years old and up. The number of harnesses in the park is limited, so book your ticket on Skistar’s website before they run out!




For more information, opening hours and booking, visit Skistar Hammarbybacken. Feel free to follow SkiStar Sälen’s social channels for inspiration and information about the big investment in new SkiStar Sports and Adventures.

Välkommen till Högt & Lågt Klätterparker

Högt & Lågt´s ambition is to build the best climbing parks in Sweden. We build spectacular high rope courses for the whole family. Come and visit one of our parks!