Gift certificate – give away an adventure in the open air

Give away laughter, butterflies in the stomach, challenges and memories for life! Buy a gift card to our adventure park and we will take care of everything else, making sure your special someone will have a superfun experience!

Who is it for?

Both the adventurous and those who like to stay a little closer to the ground will get an experience at Högt & Lågt. Our parks offer obstacle courses at all levels, from easy courses at a height of one meter to really challenging courses at a height of 10-15 mete

With us, everyone from 80 cm and up, from 2 to 82 years old, can find something that fits. During the climbing session, visitors can climb as many of the different courses as they want, based on our height and age requirements. 

How does it work?

1 gift card gives 3 hours of climbing in the park.

The recipient books their climbing pass online and then enters the code from the gift card.

Everything needed to climb is in place, we provide all the equipment and training needed.

Of course, experienced and trained instructors are on site to ensure that it is a safe and fun experience.

Which gift card should I choose?

It is the length of the person who is going to climb that decides which gift card to choose. The ticket categories are 80–110 cm,  110–140 cm and +140 cm. NOTE: If the receiver is at least 140 cm, select +140 cm for access to the blue courses. See Height requirements & practical info. Questions and thoughts? Look at the collected information under Before your visit.