About Högt & Lågt

Högt & Lågt Sverige is the younger sibling to the Norwegian success of Hoyt & Lavt, which was founded by Hans Christian Wilson in 2009. Wilson established the concept after a family vacation to France where he and his family visited a climbing and adventure park. The experience they had up in the trees, with different courses suitable for the whole family made them forget time and place, they enjoyed being out in nature together and they were absolutely present with each other. This made Wilson decide to establish a similar concept back home in Norway, wanting to make this positive experience available to more people.  

The same kind of experience made the Swedish founder Robin Ambell bring the concept to Sweden in 2018, opening the first park in his hometown Rättvik in 2019, after having worked in one of the parks in Norway for 5 years. “I felt; finally, an activity where both children and adults can do something together and it is fun for everybody. It is also outside and you get exercise at the same time!” Robin says. 

The ambition of Högt & Lågt is to build the best climbing parks in Sweden. We build spectacular obstacle courses up in the trees, but we also put a lot of focus on the ground. At our parks, you will always find plenty of seating areas, tables and barbeques as well as the possibilities of other activities besides climbing obstacle courses.  

One of the biggest reasons for our success is our focus to provide obstacle courses for a broader group of people, we truly have something for everyone! We are very family oriented, and our “family courses” are also suitable as warm up to more extreme climbers. At our park, everyone can find something fun and something challenging!