Where are we going to climb today?

Welcome to Högt & Lågt Climbingparks

Högt & Lågt is today Scandinavia’s largest supplier of climbing parks. We are a leader in the industry and we build parks with high-altitude courses that suit everyone. Families with children, football teams, company groups, bachelor parties and bachelorette parties, school classes, groups of friends and couples on dates – with us there really is something for everyone. Our ambition is for all our guests to leave the park with a smile on their face, with the feeling of having dared to challenge themselves and with fantastic memories for life.

We are currently located in five locations in Sweden and we have delivered a climbing park to several external customers, including Skistar in Sälen. We started in Rättvik 2019 and then Högt & Lågt opened in Karlstad and Sundsvall 2020 and last year the parks in Jönköping and Gävle were inaugurated.

In addition to running the climbing parks, we also build parks and other things. You can read more about Högt & Lågt Parksystem here.

Everything we do is permeated by our core values ​​Fun, Safe, Innovative, For All and Challenging. We are driven, we work hard, we are passionate about each customer’s experience, we are involved in developing the industry and
we have a hell of a lot of fun while we do it!

Let´s gooo!    

Gift Card 

Give away laughter, butterflies in the stomach, challenges and memories for life! Buy a gift card to our adventure park and we will take of everything else, making sure your special someone will have a superfun experience! 

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Our Climbingparks

Our parks consist of several obstacle courses at varying hight and degree of difficulty. You buy tickets for three hours which allows you to climb as many courses as many times as you want provided you follow the minimum hight- and age requirements for each course.

The courses are divided into degree of difficulty by colour, and starts with orange which is our easiest course at low hight. To climb the orange course you need to be over 80 cm and adults can accompany children from the ground without buying a ticket for themselves. After this we have our green courses, perfect for the whole family to climb together! To climb our green courses you need to be over 110 cm and children under 6 years old must be accompanied by an adult in the course.  If you want to climb a bit higher up, try our blue courses. These courses require a bit more physical effort, so be prepared! To climb the blue courses you must be over 140 cm tall and children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult in the course. Red is our most difficult course, both mentally and physically. Are you ready for a real challenge? This course requires a minimum hight of 150 centimetres and children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult in the course. Come and experience the adventure. Let´s gooo! 

Are you throwing a bachelorette or bachelor party for someone special? Is that someone terrified of heights or an adventurer who loves climbing? Whichever it is we provide an activity that guarantee laughter, shared memories, lots of fun, and perhaps a little bit scary! We have courses for everyone and we guarantee that your friend will leave us both tired and happy! We request that everyone who is climbing does this completely sober, so why not start the day by visiting us? If it is possible to climb dressed up? Of course!     

Is your class looking for something fun to do together? We have a really nice offer for school groups in middle school and high school available during the weekdays and office hours. Come and experience a climbing adventure together in our park. We guarantee laughter and shared memories.

Is your company planning a kick-off, or do you want to do something fun and social during your conference? We offer an activity where you get to challenge yourselves, test your limits, support and cheer for each other and create shared memories together.

We are looking for new destinations to establish our climbingparks.

Have you ever thought about starting your own business and are interested in working in the climbing, adventure and experience industry? Then Högt & Lågt’s franchise concept could be the opportunity for you!

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